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Equity Intraday

In our Equity Intraday Tips services we provide the entry, exit and stop-loss levels. Our calls for equity intraday are continuously monitored. The stop-losses and targets are revised based on market conditions.

  • Calls in cash segment.
  • 3 to 4 trading calls per day.
  • Calls on current market price.
  • Single target based calls.
  • Risk & Reward ratio will be 1:2.

Equity Positional

We provide short term and long term position equity trading calls with entry, exit and stop-loss levels. These equity positional calls are continuously monitored by our technical analyst expert. The stop-losses and targets of our equity tips are revised based on market condition.

  • Calls issued on stock in the F&O segment.
  • Calls issued on Index futures also
    ( Nifty, Bank Nifty & CNX IT).
  • 15 to 20 trading calls per month.

Commodity Calls

We provide commodity calls trial pack for commodities like gold, silver, crude oil, bullion, metals, energy and agri commodities. Traders are invited to get our commodity trial pack for highest return from commodity market of India.
We deliver the entry, exit and stop-loss levels of the commodities. These commodity tips

  will be continuously monitored. The stop- losses and targets will be revised based on market conditions.

  • Calls will be given in Bullion, Base Metal and Energy.
  • Daily around 2 - 3 Calls in each segment
  • Risk Reward ratio will be 1:2.
  • Calls will be provided by sms and yahoo messenger.

Subscription Charges For each segment (Bullion, Base Metal): Subscription Charges For Energy:


We provide the entry, exit and stop-loss levels for trading in currency. These currency calls are continuously monitored. The stop- losses and targets are revised based on market conditions for our currency tips.

  • Calls are given in USDINR, EURINR, JPYINR
    and GBPINR.
  • 1 to 2 trading calls per day.
  • Intraday as well as Positional calls.

HNI Advisory

This is a niche Technical Trading Advisory for HNI clients. It is like a trading portfolio management services with our Buy-Sell recommendations. Our dedicated advisors guide you in each and every trade.

  • Calls issued on stock in the F&O segment.
  • 15 – 20 trading calls per month.
  • Long and Short trades.

Online chat

This is a unique communication platform, where you can get our entire trading product (Equity Intraday & Positional, Index Intraday & Positional and Currency) and solve all your market related queries.

  • Between 9.00AM to 4.00PM - Monday
    to Friday.
  • Ask all your market related queries to
  • Get quick reply.

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High 10887
Low 10782
Close 10817
S 1 10770
S 2 10723
R 1 10875
R 2 10934


SEBI Registration Number : INH100001625

I, Manas Jaiswal, Research Analyst comply with the qualification and certification requirements under SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations, 2014. I have been working in the Indian Capital markets for over 14 years. All of the views expressed in research reports and recommendations issued by me reflect my personal views about the subject company or companies at the given point of time and I do not receive/accept any kind of compensation, directly or indirectly related to specific recommendations or views expressed in reports issued by me. I/my relative’s do not at any point of time of issuing the reports have any material conflict of interest in the subject company neither I was/am/will be engaged in market making activity for the subject company. The investments discussed or views expressed in reports and recommendations issued by me may not be suitable for all investors. The user assumes the entire risk of any use made of this information. I/nor any person connected with my report, accepts any liability arising from the use of research document. The recipients of research document should rely on their own investigations and should consult their own advisors to determine merit and risks of such investments. Price and value of the investments referred to in this material may go up or down. Past performance is not a guide for future performance. Certain transactions including those involving futures, options and other derivatives as well as non-investment grade securities involve substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors. Reports and recommendations based on technical analysis centers on studying charts of a stock's price movement and trading volume, as opposed to focusing on a company's fundamentals and as such, may not match with a report on a company's fundamentals. Opinions expressed in research reports & recommendations will be based on the current opinions as of the date appearing in research report & recommendations. While I endeavor to update on a reasonable basis the information discussed in research reports, there may be regulatory, compliance, or other reasons that prevent me from doing so. Prospective investors and others are cautioned that any forward-looking statements are not predictions and may be subject to change without notice. In so far as reports include current or historic information, it is believed to be reliable, although its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed.

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